A Joomla plugin to allow access to your Joomla site to be controlled by your SAML identity provider (e.g. Microsoft 365 or GSuite).

  • Frontend and Backend Login
  • Auto-provision users
  • Map SAML attributes to Joomla (name, email, fullname)
  • Map SAML Groups to Joomla groups
  • Single Sign Out

Requires a working installation of SimpleSAMLphp.
There is information here on how to setup common systems as an identity provider/authentication source for SimpleSAMLphp
Azure AD/Microsoft 365

With a working SimpleSAMLphp install use the ‘Test Authentication Sources’ option to see your SAML data, this can then be mapped to the username, email and fullname in the plugin. If you have enabled groups in your Idp then these can also be mapped to the required Joomla groups.

Download the latest version of the installable Joomla package